The New York Times reported that an agent of the Russia’s F.S.B  (successor to the K.G.B.) boasted: “Look, the internet belongs to the Americans — but blockchain will belong to us.”  The April 29, 2018 report entitled “Blockchain Will Be Theirs, Russian Spy Boasted at Conference” included these comments at the setting where the F.S.B. agent made the comments:

Last year, representatives of 25 countries met in Tokyo to work on setting international standards for the blockchain, the technology that was introduced by the virtual currency Bitcoin and has ignited intense interest in corporate and government circles.

Some of the technologists at the meeting of the International Standards Organization were surprised when they learned that the head of the Russian delegation, Grigory Marshalko, worked for the F.S.B., the intelligence agency that is the successor to the K.G.B.

They were even more surprised when they asked the F.S.B. agent why the Russians were devoting such resources to the blockchain standards.

If it possible at all, the world needs to key a watchful eye on Russia to avoid Russia’s attempt to take over of Blockchain!

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