report that “Fraudsters are now gingerly testing the waters in central and Western Europe with attacks that drain cash machines of their funds, according to a trade group that studies criminal activity around ATMs.”  The April 18, 2018 report entitled “No Card Required: ‘Black Box’ ATM Attacks Move Into Europe” included these statistics:

The European Association for Secure Transactions, or EAST, says the attacks, sometimes referred to as “jackpotting,” rose 231 percent in 2017 compared to 2016. Last year, 193 incidents were reported compared to 58 in 2016.

EAST published its year-end report on ATM attacks, which covers some 367,000 ATM in 21 European countries. There are about 413,000 ATMs in Europe.

If these attacks are successful in Europe surely these attacks will move around the world!

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