TexasLawyer.com recently interviewed Erin Nealy Cox (US Attorney for the Northern District of Texas since November 2017) who described her  “…expertise in cybersecurity will help me identify and communicate the threats to the affected communities so they can understand and craft solutions needed to defend themselves; and it will help me ensure that my prosecutors have the tools, training, and resources to prosecute vigorously those responsible for cyber crimes, wherever they may be located.” The February 8, 2018 interview was entitled “Erin Nealy Cox – How Cyber Background Helps as US Attorney “ began with this introduction:

Perhaps unique for a U.S. attorney, she has extensive background in cybersecurity, having worked as a senior adviser at McKinsey & Co. in the cybersecurity and risk practice; as an assistant U.S, attorney in the Northern District of Texas, where she prosecuted cyber crimes, white-collar crimes, and general crimes; and as a member of the executive team at Stroz Friedberg, a cybersecurity and investigations consulting firm.

Since I’ve known Erin for many years, I’m confident she will be a an excellent US Attorney and particularly dealing with cybercrime.

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