The Washington Post wrote an article that “State officials have been scrambling to address vulnerabilities in their systems, particularly since the fall, when the Department of Homeland Security disclosed the attempts on the 21 states. Though it is not believed there were further attacks, experts say Russian operatives may have been laying the groundwork for a more aggressive effort in 2018.” The February 17, 2018 article entitled “State elections officials fret over cybersecurity threats” included these observations about a meeting of State Election Officials on Saturday following the February 16th Federal indictments against 13 Russians:

The indictments underscored warnings issued by the nation’s top intelligence officials who said earlier in the week that they had already uncovered evidence that Russians and other foreign operators aimed to disrupt the midterms.

State elections officials and cybersecurity experts are pressuring Congress to act, asking lawmakers to appropriate all the federal funds approved in 2002 for election security. They also want lawmakers to pass legislation that would enact sweeping changes to strengthen U.S. election cybersecurity.

It will be interesting to following these Cybersecurity threats to US elections!

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