Unitrends issued a white paper which stated that “the truth is that all industries are vulnerable to ransomware. Email, databases and business applications run on similar infrastructure and operating systems across all industries.”  The white paper was entitled “Beat Ransomware in 5 Easy Steps, Be Prepared to Fight or Be Prepared to Pay” included these comments about Step 3 to Test, Test and Test Again:

Even the FBI agrees that the only truly effective way to combat ransomware is to regularly back up data and verify the integrity of those backups.

Testing provides many advantages in the fight against ransomware. Testing ensures:

  • backups are not infected with the ransomware and can be used for data recovery
  • recovery will be successful for both physical & virtual machines
  • RPO and RTO compliance reports can be generated for HIPAA and other certifications

Here are all 5 Steps:

Step 1 – Protect yourself

Step 2 – Secure your Infrastructure

Step 3 – Test, Test and Test Again

Step 4 – Proactive Detection

Step 5 – Fast Recovery

All businesses need to be ready for ransomware!

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