Darkreading  described Blockchain (which allows Bitcoin to operate) as the “distributed ledger technology essentially allows for the creation of a list of records, each record cryptographically linked and secured, thereby enabling greater data integrity for all manner of applications.” The December 29, 2017 article entitled “17 Things We Should Have Learned in 2017, but Probably Didn’t” specifically identified Blockchain in describing “#13. Bitcoin is awesome, once you take away the part about currency”:

Gee, Bitcoin sure is great for paying ransomare operators and for debating just how much volatility a financial system can bear. But the best thing about it is the platform upon which it’s built: Blockchain.

Blockchain was also included in “#14. Encryption is great … except when it isn’t”

People love Blockchain partly because of all the crypto packed inside like chocolate chips in a cookie.

Here are all 17 Things:

  1. You need to know what data you have, and where it is.
  2. How we respond to incidents is just as important as how we prevent them.
  3. Social Security Numbers should not be used for anything but Social Security.
  4. Radio frequency communications need to be secured.
  5. ICS/SCADA needs special security treatment
  6. You need to deploy patches faster…no, really.
  7. The NSA might not be the best place to put your secret stuff.
  8. Cybersecurity failures are beginning to have significant market impacts … sort of.
  9. Integrity of data (and the democratic process) can be disrupted by more than “hacking.”
  10. You really should refresh your DDoS defense and preparation plan.
  11. You can’t escape the effects of political and civil unrest.
  12. Infosec workforce diversity is something you should actually care about.
  13. Bitcoin is awesome, once you take away the part about currency.
  14. Encryption is great … except when it isn’t.
  15. Firmware is your problem too.
  16. No malware does not mean no problem.
  17. Getting stabbed in the side is a bigger problem than getting stabbed in the back.

Get ready for more Blockchain in 2018!!!

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