Darkreading reported that “mobile messaging apps are rising in favor as the newest Dark Web alternatives that crooks have landed upon to do business with one another.”   The October 26, 2017 report entitled “Dark Web Marketplaces’ New Home: Mobile Messaging Apps”  has the subtitle “Telegram, Discord, Whatsapp grow in popularity as criminals look for more alternatives to fly under the radar” and includes these comments:

With all this turmoil, the dark net community is clearly now looking for different platforms to continue promoting their business,…

With the promise of end to end encryption and secrecy, the instant messaging platform is flourishing with illegal trade,…

Regional and international groups across the world are using the application to spread their merchandise with P2P sales.

Users can find illegal drugs that can be delivered within hours all the way to stolen credit card information for sale.

Actually no one should be surprised, but all the more reason to be vigilant.

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