Reuters reported that “Yahoo must face nationwide litigation brought on behalf of well over 1 billion users who said their personal information was compromised in three massive data breaches.” On August 30, 2017 US District Judge Lucy Koh (Northern District of California- San Jose) in the case of In Re: Yahoo! Inc. Customer Data Security Breach Litigation ruled in favor of the class since:

All plaintiffs have alleged a risk of future identity theft, in addition to loss of value of their personal identification information.

The Reuters August 31, 2017 report entitled “Yahoo must face litigation by data breach victims: U.S. judge” included this background:

The breaches occurred between 2013 and 2016, but Yahoo was slow to disclose them, waiting more than three years to reveal the first. Revelations about the scope of the cyber attacks prompted Verizon to lower its purchase price for the company.

With this ruling many are speculating that Verizon, who recently bought Yahoo for $4.76 billion, will ultimately settle this class action rather than go to trial.

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