Many cloud agreements I negotiate fail to include any details about SLAs, so you may want to look at the article about the details about SLAs which are general performance levels for IT services, but not an Agreement rather a SLA “is simply a document describing the level of service expected by a customer from a supplier, laying out the metrics by which that service is measured, and the remedies or penalties, if any, should the agreed-upon levels not be achieved.”  The June 26, 2017 article entitled “SLA definitions, solutions and best practices” included these 10 questions to ask about SLAs:

  1. What is an SLA?
  2. Why do I need an SLA?
  3. Who provides the SLA?
  4. What’s in an SLA?
  5. What are key components of an SLA?
  6. What is an indemnification clause?
  7. Is an SLA transferable?
  8. How can I verify service levels?
  9. What kind of metrics should be monitored?
  10. What should I consider when selecting metrics for my SLA?

Since SLAs are critical to cloud operations everyone needs to know more about SLAs.

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