Darkreading reported a 4+ year jail sentence for stealing airline tickets by using “phishing campaigns targeted customers of Travelport and Sabre, causing phishing emails to be delivered to their customers for the purpose of obtaining and stealing their unique log-in credentials.”  On June 5, 2017 the Department Justice issued a press release entitled “West African computer hacker sentenced to Federal Prison” included these details:

Eric Donys Simeu, a/k/a Martell Collins, a citizen of Cameroon extradited from France, has been sentenced to four years, ten months in federal prison for a series of “phishing campaigns” which targeted clients of Global Distribution Systems.

Also Darkreading reported:

He then resold the tickets to mainly customers in West Africa at steeply discounted prices, or would use the tickets for his own personal travel.

Reporting about this crime should help focus on more employee training to avoid falling for phishing!

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