The Independent reported that Wallie Walsh (Chief of  British Airways’ owner International Airlines Group) broke his silence about BA’s IT failure last week that left 75,000 travelers stranded saying “it was not an IT failure, it was a problem caused by the failure of electrical power to our IT systems.” The June 1, 2017 report entitled “IAG chief Willie Walsh breaks silence to defend British Airway’s response to outage” seems silly that there could be a single point of failure by a company the size of BA….and given the 2016 apparent cyber attacks against Delta and Southwest.

Keep in mind the September 23, 2016 report in Darkreading was entitled “Advisory Body Calls For Stronger Cybersecurity Measures Across Airline Industry” and cited the RTCA (Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics founded in 1935) which included:

…recommendations is on ensuring that manufacturers, carriers, maintenance facilities and airports maintain an adequate level of cyber preparedness on a routine, day-to-day basis.

The long-term goal is on ensuring not only that systems are properly secured up front when in development but also on making sure the systems are maintained that way during operations.

What do you think? Single point of failure or cyber intrusions?

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