Gardere’s recent webinar includes a discussion about the future legal issues of Blockchain. Of course I think Blockchain will change the world since bitcoin, which relies on Blockchain, and other Blockchain uses currently impact everyone on earth.  You are welcome to watch the April 26, 2017 “Blockchain Legal Risks” webinar prepared and presented by me and Gardere lawyers Eric Levy and Eddie Block.  Here’s a description of the webinar:

Many people are familiar with the online currency “bitcoin,” but many do not understand that blockchain is the technology that permits the internet to have its own monetary system. In January 2017, the Food and Drug Administration signed a contract with IBM to utilize Watson (its artificial intelligence technology) to better protect electronic medical records using blockchain technologies. Since data may be stored on the cloud anywhere around the world, it is essential to understand the laws that apply to your own use of blockchain. This webinar will educate you on blockchain and offer some insights into what the future may bring to currency, contracts and cross-border transactions.

Eric, Eddie, and I welcome any questions or comments.

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