My Guest Blogger Eddie Block (CISSP, CIPM, CIPP/G, CISA, CEH) is a senior attorney in Gardere’s Litigation Group and member of the Cybersecurity and Privacy Legal Services Team who focuses on all aspects of information cyber security, including credentialing functions, firewall and IDS deployment and monitoring, and penetration testing, and related complex litigation.

The Texas Legislature is considering a number of proposed cyber laws and my JurisHacker blog has an interactive “Information security and Privacy Bill Tracker.” For those you who don’t know that the Texas Legislature meets for 140 days every 2 years, which many Texans say is “140 days too long!”

During the Texas Legislative sessions those 140 days things move pretty quickly; a budget must be drafted and passed, any new bills must be submitted, reviewed and adopted, and state agencies face scrutiny. All-in-all it can be a whirlwind.  In order to keep up with the pace of the session, you’re welcome to follow my blog tracking information security, cybersecurity, and privacy bills.

These potential laws may show in other states or in Washington, DC at some point, so you may want to track what’s going on this Spring.

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