The New York Times reported that a cybersecurity contractor for the NSA (National Security Agency) was arrested based on allegations that “he stole and disclosed highly classified computer code developed to hack into the networks of foreign governments.”  The October 6, 2016 article entitled “N.S.A. Contractor Arrested in Possible New Theft of  Secrets” reported that Harold T. Martin III, who like Edward Snowden was a contractor with Booz Allen Hamilton “which is responsible for building and operating many of the agency’s most sensitive cyberoperations.”  The Criminal Complaint was filed in August 29, 2016 that:

He was charged with theft of government property, and unauthorized removal or retention of classified documents. During an F.B.I. raid of his house, agents seized documents and digital information stored on electronic devices. A large percentage of the materials found in his house and car contained highly classified information.

Mr. Martin’s attorneys issued the following statement:

We have not seen any evidence. But what we know is that Hal Martin loves his family and his country. There is no evidence that he intended to betray his country.

Time will tell, but this report of espionage is very disturbing!

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