No surprises in a recent report that “cybercriminals utilize all forms of intelligence to exploit the weakest link as an attack vector…” and as result “almost every business is a target for malicious cyber attacks and the need for cyber security is an important part of protecting an organization’s reputation and financial vitality.”  InfoArmor’s June 2016 report entitled “Threat Intelligence: Understanding What It Is and Why You Need It” stressed that by 2018 “60% of large enterprises globally will utilize commercial threat intelligence services to help inform their security strategies” including Vulnerability Intelligence:

Identifying threats from vulnerabilities from public-facing (external) hosts is extremely  important, as network-based and application-level vulnerabilities can easily go undetected within an organization’s IT infrastructure. Making a connection between these vulnerabilities and networks activities is extremely valuable, as they can result in catastrophic damage and data exfiltration within the infected host, as well as compromise others that interact with them.

Here are all 7 of InfoArmor’s key determiners:

  • Advanced Intelligence
  • Risk Intelligence
  • Security Intelligence
  • Vulnerability Intelligence
  • eCrime Intelligence
  • Compromised Credentials
  • Access to Research Analysts and Investigative Services

Given all the cybercrime around the Internet it is critical that all business use this Threat Intelligence wisely.

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