A recent survey of 2,200 Information Security Community professionals indicated that concerns “about legal and regulatory compliance have seen the biggest gain, moving from the number 7 spot (24%) to number 4 (39%)” and that 49% believed that “one of the major barriers to cloud adoption is the fear of data loss and leakage.” The Cloud Security 2016 Spotlight Report survey was taken in March and April 2016 which included the result that 52% “believe that cloud apps are as secure or more secure than on-premises applications.”

Based on the Report Darkreading identified these “5 Reasons Enterprises Still Worry About Cloud Security”:

  1. Cloud computing has progressed so fast that it’s hard for the security industry to keep up
  2. IT still feels like they don’t have the proper tools to secure the cloud
  3. Storing and accessing data in the cloud could be a lawsuit waiting to happen
  4. Lack of visibility and the fear of letting go
  5. Security is still an afterthought, or not a thought at all

Cloud security will continue to be a topic legal issue, and probably move up from number 4.

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