A recent IT network report indicated that “Top-tier organizations are also much less tolerant of silos – either in their tools or in their teams”  and “are four times as likely to invest in machine-readable threat intelligence.” The 2016 Network Protection Survey from Infoblox reported the “estimate the cost of a typical unplanned network outage now tops $740,000” so security planning is essential.  Here’s what the Report had to say about banishing silos:

They are nearly nine times as likely to use integrated visibility tools, four times as likely to use integrated security tools and fully 100 percent report moderate to complete cooperation and coordination between their network, security and app teams (versus less than half of the bottom-tier).

Often, these silos are not formed consciously. A network engineer for a large technology support company in the Southern U.S. commented, “IT shops are running so lean these days, even just knowledge transfer is prohibitive. Silos often form simply because we don’t have time to share.”

The Report offers these 5 lessons:

  1. Get Rid of Silos.
  2. Pay Attention to Operational Realities.
  3. Prioritize Based on Risk Analysis.
  4. Be Realistic about Security Staffing.
  5. Automate Routine Tasks.

Good advice that more IT leaders need to pass along to management!

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