IBM announced the acquisition of Resilient Systems which will be “industry’s first integrated end-to-end platform combining analytics, forensics, vulnerability management and incident response” according to PCWorld.  The report entitled “IBM to buy Resilient Systems, bringing security guru Bruce Schneier on board” on February 29, 2016 included these comments:

…more than two-thirds of U.S. security executives say they do not have a cybersecurity incident-response plan in place, according to a Ponemon Institute study released last fall. In 2015, the average cost of a data breach for companies participating in a separate global study was $3.8 million, the research firm found.

Also the report also included these comments by Charles King (principal analyst with Pund-IT):

During the past decade, cyber attacks have grown in number, speed and sophistication, evolving from random individual incidents to systematic assaults, often funded by organized criminals or hostile governments.

The most effective way that companies can address such incidents is with what IBM calls ‘immune response’ solutions that constantly monitor IT environments, detect security breaches and respond instantaneously.

Reuters reported that the terms of the deal were not disclosed at the RSA security conference, but expected to close later this year.

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