Now on to the President for signature is a law that “would prohibit states from taxing Internet access and from levying any new taxes that target Internet services with no offline equivalent.” Networkworld reported that the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act was included in a trade enforcement bill passed by senators in a 75-20 vote and now headed to the President for approval since the House passed the bill in June 2015.   Oregon Senator Ron Wyden posted these comments at

Here’s some good news: Right now most Americans pay $0 in taxes to connect to the Internet.

And thanks to a bill that passed today, you will never have to pay taxes just to get online, or pay more taxes for goods and services just because they’re bought online.

And Internet Tax Freedom is more than just keeping Internet access tax-free — it also keeps you from having to pay more in taxes on an item just because it was purchased online.

Of course not everyone is happy, state and local tax authorities claim this hurts brick and mortar.

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