A recent IBM eBook points how that “in today’s competitive global marketplace, leading organizations are complementing their current approaches to business intelligence (BI) and analytics.”  IBM’s eBook is entitled “Forward Looking Business Intelligence” and given the scope and volume of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) in litigation today the use of BI seems pretty logical given IBM’s three principal types of analytics:

  • Descriptive, which uses BI and data mining to answer the question: “What has happened?”
  • Predictive, which uses statistical models and forecasts to answer the question: “What could happen?
  • Prescriptive, which uses optimization and simulation to answer the question: “What should we do?”

Although IBM’s eBook it is not directed at lawyers, given where eDiscovery is headed with the use of more predictive technology lawyers need to understand the BI technology to improve their eDiscovery efforts.

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