The volume of Ransomware is increasing dramatically after malware is downloaded by unsuspecting employees “encrypts a user or company’s fi­les and forces them to pay a fee to the hacker in order to regain access to their own ­files.”  KnowBe4 claims to be the “world’s most popular integrated Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing platform” recently published its “RANSOMWARE: Hostage Rescue Manual” which includes this thought:

The adage is true that the security systems have to win every time, the attacker only has to win once.

The Manual particularly identifies the fact that the client files of lawyers and accountants are at risk, so it’s important to follow KnowBe4’s advice and Ransomware Attack Response and Prevention Check Lists:

Ransomware Attack Response Check List

STEP 1: Disconnect Everything

STEP 2: Determine the Scope of the Infection, Check the Following for Signs of Encryption

STEP 3: Determine Ransomware Strain

STEP 4: Determine Response

Prevention Check Lists

First Line of Defense: Users

Second Line of Defense: Software

Third Line of Defense: Backups

Of course everyone is at risk, not just lawyers and accountants.

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