Everyone should already know cyber intrusions are “when not if,”  so the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) prepare a tool which “is designed for businesses that lack the resources to hire dedicated staff to protect their business, information and customers from cyber threats.” The FCC’s “Small Biz Cyber Planner” was assembled with help from the Department of Homeland Security, the National Cyber Security Alliance, The Chamber of Commerce, Microsoft, Symatec, VISA, McAfee, and other organizations.

By way of example here are the Cyber Plan Action Items for eMail and in particular training employees which is critical:

1. Set up a spam email filter

2, Train your employees in responsible email usage

The last line of defense for all of your cyber risk efforts lies with the employees who use tools such as email and their responsible and appropriate use and management of the information under their control. Technology alone cannot make a business secure. Employees must be trained to identify risks associated with email use, how and when to use email appropriate to their work, and when to seek assistance of professionals. Employee awareness training is available in many forms, including printed media, videos and online training.

Consider requiring security awareness training for all new employees and refresher courses every year. Simple efforts such as monthly newsletters, urgent bulletins when new viruses are detected, and even posters in common areas to remind your employees of key security and privacy to-do’s create a work environment that is educated in protecting your business.

3. Protect sensitive information sent via email

4. Set a sensible email retention policy

5. Develop an email usage policy

The Sections of the Planner are as follows:

Privacy and Data Security

Scams and Fraud

Network Security

Website Security


Mobile Devices


Facility Security

Operational Security

Payment Cards

Incident Response and Reporting

Policy Development, Management

Cyber Security Glossary

Cyber Security Links

No question that this good advice which every company should follow.

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