Most folks ignore anything to the right of the “.” but Blue Coat warns about the explosion in TLDs and “created a list rating the web’s shadiest and safest neighborhoods” based “on analysis of web requests from more than 15,000 worldwide businesses and 75 million users.”  The Blue Coat August 2015 report is entitled “DO NOT ENTER- Blue Coat Research Maps the Web’s Shadiest Neighborhoods” is very interesting to read.  Infoworld issued its report on the TLDs entitled “The Web’s 10 most dangerous neighborhoods” about Blue Coat’s “Top 10 most evil top level domains”:

1: .zip, 100 percent evil, <1,000 domains

2: .review, 100 percent evil, 45,304 domains

3: .country, 99.97 percent evil, 5,442 domains

4: .kim, 99.74 percent evil, 8,913 domains

5: .cricket, 99.57 percent evil, 27,723 domains

6: .science, 99.35 percent evil, 324,833 domains

7: .work, 98.20 percent evil, 68,144 domains

8: .party, 98.07 percent evil, 206,914 domains

9: .gq (Equatorial Guinea), 97.68 percent evil, 69,437 domains

10: .link, 96.98 percent evil, 150,595 domains

You better start paying attention to what on the right of the “.”.

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