Those of us who rely on Mimecast found that we had no email on Monday, September 21, 2015 because of cloud problems which impacted millions of people since we all rely on email as the primary means to communicate.  Mimecast seems to be operating okay now and claims to have 14,500 customers and all of whom direct all their emails to Mimecast which then filters out about 90% of the spam and delivers the remaining 10% to the customer.

Monday, September 21 was not a good day for the Amazon cloud (Amazon Web Services) which suffered another outage which affected Netflix, Airbnb, and others according to Computing that AWS:

…suffered a glitch yesterday that affected many of the customers who rely on its public cloud infrastructure such as Netflix, Tinder and IMDb.

Of course these cloud outages demonstrate how vulnerable businesses are who use the cloud, and makes you wonder if the cyberattacks could actually destroy businesses altogether!

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