I paste business cards to all new laptops, iPhones, and iPads because maybe somebody will steal the device or I might just lose it, which is likely since Networkworld estimates are “that a laptop is lost every 53 seconds.”  The September 10, 2015 Networkworld report is entitled “10 things to do before you lose your laptop” as follows:

  1. Set up a password with auto-lock.
  2. Encrypt your hard disk drive.
  3. Set up all your documents to sync.
  4. Backup your laptop.
  5. Switch to a cloud- or server-based email platform.
  6. Make a note of registration codes for hard-to-find software.
  7. Encrypt portable HDD, flash storage drives, too.
  8. Set up additional security.
  9. Remember to include a ‘please return’ note.
  10. Set it up for remote tracking, or wiping

My favorite idea is not included in the list, but should be #1.

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