Since “99% of incident response and forensics is run through IT not counsel” businesses should follow Computerworld’s advice about managing cyberintrusions since “time is not a friend in any breach situation, companies that have cyber security attorneys on retainer are better positioned to quickly and efficiently respond to incidents.”  My July 2015 eCommerce Times column entitled “DoJ: Firms Should Hire Cyber-Savvy Lawyers” is right on point as is the August 4, 2015 Computerworld story entitled “Do you need a cybersecurity attorney on retainer?” which included this comment:

Cybersecurity attorneys are also instrumental in working with the government for subpoenas so that organizations can maintain privilege and be in compliance with the law.

Also 4 areas of concern regarding having a cybersecurity attorney on retainer provided by JJ Thompson (chief executive officer at Rook Security):

  • breach scenarios,
  • personnel policies,
  • cyber liability insurance, and
  • working with government

Since every business will have a cyberintrusion, it’s just a matter of when…so  following Computerworlds’s advice to have a cybersecurity attorney on retain makes lots of sense.

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