eDiscovery is the monster that ate Cleveland as everyone knows, but storing the ESI (Electronically Stored Information) is at risk to cyberintrusions since the ESI includes “highly sensitive information” as reported by my good friend Monica Bay in Legaltech News.  Monica’s August 18, 2015 story is entitled “Cybersecurity Infiltrates E-Discovery Managed Services” should be a wake call to all litigants as she points out:

Over the last decade, e-discovery options for law firms have evolved dramatically. But whether a firm keeps it in-house, overseas or chooses some version of e-discovery managed services, vetting vendors has become even more difficult with the explosion of cybersecurity.

Law firms are especially vulnerable to breaches, because lawyers (especially those in litigation, property or mergers and acquisitions) process highly sensitive information—and law firms are notorious for weak security.

Clearly it is time for lawyers to realize how vulnerable they and their ESI are!

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