A recent panel discussion in London pondered whether “to recruit more young people into this area, in order to stir them “away from the dark side” and onto the right path.” The June 15, 2015 debate at the Innovate Finance was entitled “Catching the Big Phish” and the audience was “mainly comprised of banking professionals, some government representatives, education, and IT professionals.”

IDG Reported included these comments from Ian Glover, President at CREST, that “there is no doubt that young people should be encouraged to get into ethical hacking”:

[It’s encouraging] to see young people be interested in technology and then try to focus their attentions on doings things that are legitimate and legal. We need to describe this as a career aspiration. There is a legitimate career path [for young people] in cybersecurity. We need to define what that career structure is, define the input and then drive people into that direction with some understanding of what their career structure is going to be.

With all the cybercrime this debate will continue, but it is also hardly a new idea to recruit young hackers.

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