Here is some basic advice for all employees – “Don’t open email attachments from strangers or seem strange, and don’t open links in emails that seems suspicious” …which should be part of the mindset of everyone reading email, but often employees fail to heed this advice or just forget.  If you do not continually train employees there it is highly likely you will find more malware on your systems.  So the recent Infoworld DeepDive report entitled “11 sure signs you’ve been hacked” should be a wake up about what happens when employees fail to use common sense about suspicious emails.  Here are the DeepDive 11 system compromises caused by malware:

No. 1: Fake antivirus messages

No. 2: Unwanted browser toolbars

No. 3: Redirected Internet searches

No. 4: Frequent random popups

No. 5: Your friends receive fake emails from your email account

No. 6: Your online passwords suddenly change

No. 7: Unexpected software installs

No. 8: Your mouse moves between programs and makes correct selections

No. 9: Your antimalware software, Task Manager, or Registry Editor is disabled and can’t be restarted

No. 10: Your bank account is missing money

No. 11: You get calls from stores about nonpayment of shipped goods

Regularly employee training will likely reduce or eliminate these hacked events!

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