InfoWorld’s recently reported that no one is safe, neither lawyers nor clients because in “today’s threatscape, antivirus software provides little piece of mind,…and hackers still reach us on a regular basis.”   The recent Infoworld Deep Dive Report is entitled “11 signs you’ve been hacked — and how to fight back” which gives specific advice about how to fix each of these 11 sure signs of system compromise:

  1. Fake antivirus messages
  2. Unwanted browser toolbars
  3. Redirect Internet searches
  4. Frequent random popups
  5. Your friends receive fake emails from your email account
  6. Your online passwords suddenly change
  7. Unexpected software installs
  8. Your mouse moves between programs and makes correct selection
  9. Your antimalware software, Task Manager, or Registry Editor is disabled and can’t be restarted
  10. Your bank account is missing money
  11. You get calls from stores about nonpayment of shipped goods

Raise your hand if any of these hack signs have ever affected you or your lawyer, business, family, or friends! Wow everyone reading this blog has been affected by hacks!!!!!!

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