A recent survey “uncovered a widespread level of employee indifference towards protecting sensitive corporate data, including personal information of customers.” In January 2015 SailPoint’s reported the results of its 7th Annual Market Pulse Survey which also include these comments from Kevin Cunningham (President and Founder of SailPoint):

Employees may have moved away from the post-it note password list, but using the same password across personal and work applications exposes the company,…

Just think of the major breaches that occurred in 2014 requiring users to change their passwords on social media. If those were the same passwords being used to access mission-critical applications, it’s very easy for hacking organizations to take advantage and get into more valuable areas.

It’s time to get serious about password management since amazingly enough the survey also indicated that 1 in 7 employees admitted that they would sell their passwords to a third party for as little as $150!

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