The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced a Final Order which was “settling charges that Snapchat deceived consumers with promises about the disappearing nature of messages sent through the service…” and “…deceived consumers over the amount of personal data it collected and the security measures taken to protect that data from misuse and unauthorized disclosure.”  The December 23, 2014 Final Order includes a 20 year monitoring for Snapchat and a comprehensive privacy program that is reasonably designed to:

(1) address privacy risks related to the development and management of new and existing products and services for consumers, and

(2) protect the privacy and confidentiality of covered information, whether collected by respondent or input into, stored on, captured with, or accessed through a computer using respondent’s products or services.

In the December 31, 2014 FTC News Release stated that the “…settlement with Snapchat is part of the FTC’s ongoing effort to ensure that companies market their apps truthfully and keep their privacy promises to consumers.”

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