The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) defines data breaches when an incident put a risk of exposure of an individual’s “name plus a Social Security number, driver’s license number, medical record or financial record (credit/debit cards included).”  The ITRC Data Breach Report is published every Tuesday and on December 9, 2014 the Report identified 720 breaches of 81,597,485 in these categories:

Banking/Credit/Financial -41 breaches of 1,182,492 records

Business: – 237 breaches of 64,731,975 records

Educational: -54 breaches of: 1,243,622 records

Government/Military: -84 breaches of: 6,494,683 records

Medical/Healthcare: -304 breaches of: 7,944,713 records

Given the scope and size of cyber intrusions and crime it is unlikely these number of personal records will ever be smaller.

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