The Attorney General of Mississippi complained in a letter to Google that “In my ten years as Attorney General, I have dealt with a lot of large corporate wrongdoers. I must say that yours is the first I have encountered to have no corporate conscience for the safety of its customers, the viability of its fellow corporations or the negative economic impact on the nation which has allowed your company to flourish.” The New York Times reported that Jim Hood (Mississippi Attorney General) issued a “79-page subpoena to Google, asking for records related to its advertisements and search results for controlled substances, fake IDs and stolen credit card numbers.”

Also the New York Times reported that after Google paid a $17 million fine in 2013 to settle a Privacy case that Jon Bruning (Attorney General of Nebraska) complained about Google:

These guys have profited from illegal activity that they promoted in their search engines for years.

There is a culture at Google of sell anything to anyone. By no means do they wear the white hat in this debate.

These complaints are not limited to the US as there are other governments who are complaining about Google, and in particular in the EU.

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