IBM recently released a report about BYOD because of the “rapid proliferation of mobile devices entering the workplace feels like divine intervention to many…”  This fall MaaS360 by Fiberlink (an IBM company) released its Ten Commandment of BYOD which included asked these questions about privacy policies:

What data is collected from employees’ devices?

What personal data is never collected?

The report noted that some “state privacy laws prevent corporations from even viewing” BYOD data, so they recommended that privacy policies be communicated “to make it clear what data” the employer cannot collect from BYOD.

The report also included these comments about BYOD from:

Forrester’s study of US information workers revealed that 37% are doing something with technology before formal permissions or policies are instituted.

Further, a Gartner CIO survey determined that 80% of employees will be eligible to use their own equipment with employee data on board by 2016.

Here are the Ten Commandments of BYOD which clearly highlight privacy policy issues:

1. Create Thy Policy Before Procuring Technology

2. Seek The Flocks’ Devices

3. Enrollment Shall Be Simple

4. Thou Shalt Configure Devices Over the Air

5. Thy Users Demand Self-Service

6. Hold Sacred Personal Information

7. Part the Seas of Corporate and Personal Data

8. Monitor Thy Flock—Herd Automatically

9. Manage Thy Data Usage

10. Drink from the Fountain of ROI

With the proliferation of BYOD privacy policies issues will continue to be significant to employers and employees, and following the laws essential.

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