DLA Piper and a group of law firms are accused of conspiring “to file and prosecute a fraudulent lawsuit” on behalf of Paul Ceglia who fabricated evidence that he owned 84% of Mark Zuckerberg’s stock in Facebook. On October 20, 2014 Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg sued the group of lawyers in NY state court who represented Celia which began in 2010.

In 2012 the FBI arrested Geglia for alleged criminal violations regarding fabricating evidence that Zuckerberg and he signed a contract in 2004 for web design for Facebook. The Complaint filed for mail and wire fraud by the US Postal Service includes these allegations against Ceglia that he:

  • filed a federal lawsuit falsely claiming that he was entitled to at least a 50% interest in Facebook.
  • has deliberately engaged in a systematic effort to defraud Facebook and Zuckerberg and to corrupt the federal judicial process.
  • manufactured and destroyed evidence, for instance replacing a page of the original contract with a fraudulent one that made it look like Zuckerberg had offered Ceglia interest in the company.

The Litigation Daily reported that “DLA Piper general counsel Peter Pantaleo vowed to fight the suit and emphasized that his firm represented Ceglia for less than three months”:

This is an entirely baseless lawsuit that has been filed as a tactic to intimidate lawyers from bringing litigation against Facebook…

Given the target on Facebook to be sued, more lawsuits will surely follow so it will be interesting see what happens in this new lawsuit.

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