Dell’sAnatomy of a cyber-attack” focuses on malware because malware “comes in various forms, some more nefarious than others, ranging from annoying sales pitches to potentially business-devastating assaults.”  This “how to” report from Dell makes the point that you “need to understand the enemy before you can defeat them” and includes these Attack Steps:

Attack step 1: Reconnaissance and enumerationCyber-criminals will do anything to find and exploit your weaknesses

Attack step 2: Intrusion and advanced attacks – A stealthy intruder can access every facet of your network systems.

Attack step 3: Malware insertionHidden malware gives your attacker the keys to your network.

Malware type 1: Nuisance malwareNuisance adware can render a system inoperable if not removed properly.

Malware type 2: Controlling malwareHidden malware gives your attacker the keys to your network.

Malware type 3: Destructive malwareViruses and worms can devastate your network—and your business.

Attack step 4: Clean-up – A skilled criminal can compromise your network without you ever knowing.

Cybercrime is daily front page news and although there is not one solution, Dell’s point is that it has a technology to help called Dell SonicWALL which “offers a comprehensive line of defenses against all forms of cyber attack and malware.”

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