Following the EU ruling Eric Schmidt (Google Chair) said that there was a “a collision between a right to be forgotten and a right to know” and the in the ruling “…the balance that was struck was wrong” according to Mashable. The Mashable report went on to say:

Google is trying to figure out out how to handle the requests and will need to build up an “army of experts” in each of the EU’s 28 countries to address such queries.

However, Computerworld reported that to comply with the EU ruling on ‘right to be forgotten’ that:

Google plans to release an online tool to implement a procedure for a right to be forgotten, or rather for the right not to be found,…

The system will include an authentication mechanism to prevent unauthorized takedown requests, he added.

This is logistically complicated — not least because of the many languages involved and the need for careful review.

Google has yet to determine if the number of takedown requests have increased, but that will impact Google’s ability to comply with the EU ruling.

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