“Acts of cyberwarfare –whereby a nation state launches cyberattacks against another country –are on the increase”…and “Cybercriminals are keen to learn new techniques that can make their own attacks more effective” are comments in Kaspersky’s Special Report entitled “Who is Spying on you?

Among other threats in the Report these cyberattacks against a nation’s critical infrastructure could include:

  • Loss of access to cloud-based services and data storage
  • Inability to process online financial transactions – including paying suppliers and employees or enabling customers to place orders
  • Supply chain issues – including late shipments and delays in the processing of imports/exports
  • Failure of telecoms systems – including communications via VOIP or LAN lines
  • Failure of other parts of a country’s critical infrastructure – such as power generation/distribution
  • Loss of data that’s required for compliance activities

With all the headline news about cyber attacks Kaspersky’s Report is hardly a surprise, but the Report should help sell more security products which is Kaspersky’s business.

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