With all the hacking headlines one might wonder what are the worst things IT and Internet professionals can do, and in a recent report entitled “7 IT Mistakes That Will Get You Fired” Infoworld listed the following Fatal IT mistakes:

No. 1: Slacking on backup

No. 2: Snooping on the boss

No. 3: Covering up the crime

No. 4: The porn identity

No. 5: Keeping the wrong secrets

No. 6: Unmitigated disaster

No. 7: Speaking truth to power

Although the Infoworld report directed the list to IT and Internet jobs it’s easy to conclude this list probably applies most all jobs given these comments:

  • There are lots of reasons for instant termination.
  • Failure to fulfill your obligation to protect your employer’s digital assets or abusing your vast powers for your own nefarious ends are two sure ways to end up on the unemployment line.
  • You could be fired for opening your mouth at the wrong time or not opening your mouth at the right one.
  • Spying on the boss, lying to your superiors, or being directly responsible for the loss of millions of dollars in downtime through your own negligence are all excellent ways to end up on the chopping block.

The best message from this report is that when in doubt be honest and tell the truth.

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