Based on a world-wide study analyzing traffic from Social Media sites all businesses must be proactive on LinkedIn since 64% of all traffic comes from LinkedIn. The same study revealed that 66% of the corporate website traffic came from the iPhone (29%) and the iPad (37%), with the Google Droid having about 25% of this market.

Investis IQ Audience Insight Report conducted research in first 2 quarters of 2013 and issued a report that included the following information:

LinkedIn accounts for nearly two thirds, 64%, of all visits to corporate websites from social media sites and this is steadily increasing.

Facebook’s share by contrast has decreased by nearly fifty percent in two years, 30% to 17%, and the findings may indicate that Facebook is a declining platform for B2B corporate marketing.

Twitter is also gaining in influence, up from 4% in 2011 to 14% today, which reflects the increase in the number of companies adopting Twitter for corporate communications.

Clearly the messages here are that all business needs to be pro-active on LinkedIn with the right corporate and employee messages, and to focus on Apple (and Droid) users.

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