The Pentagon’s annual report to Congress explicitly accuses China of cyberwarfare activities directed against the US military. The New York Times reported that it “was unclear why the administration chose the Pentagon report to make assertions that it has long declined to make at the White House” and went on to state that:

China’s primary goal as stealing industrial technology, but said many intrusions also seemed aimed at obtaining insights into American policy makers’ thinking.

Among other things the Pentagon report stated that China’s cyberwarfare “could serve Chinese military operations in three key areas:”

  • First and foremost, they allow data collection for intelligence and computer network attack purposes.
  • Second, they can be employed to constrain an adversary’s actions or slow response time by targeting network-based logistics, communications, and commercial activities.
  • Third, they can serve as a force multiplier when coupled with kinetic attacks during times of crisis or conflict.

It will be import to follow what Congress does in response of this Chinese cyberwarfare report.

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