Recently the NY Times admitted that it had been the victim of Cyber attacks, and then the NY Times reported that the Chinese Army may be behind the online attacks based on a report by Mandiant security firm which:

…has tied more than a hundred cyber attacks on U.S. corporations to China’s military, including several involved with critical U.S. infrastructure such as pipelines and power grids.

…collected from 147 attacks during seven years it traced back to a single group it designated “APT1,” a group Mandiant has now identified as a military unit within the 2nd bureau of China’s People’s Liberation Army General Staff Department’s 3rd Department, going by the designation “Unit 61398.”

Recently many high activity Internet sites have reported being victims of cyber attacks including: Twitter, Facebook, Apple, and Google to name a few.

Cybersecurity is critical to the US as it is the focus of a recent Executive Order from the President, and with the reports of Chinese Army actions highlights how critical it is for our government to act ASAP.

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