BYOD continues to be very hot topic for IT and lawyers which impacts email, data security, and eDiscovery. Of course BYOD is growing in scope as Apple, Microsoft, and Droid based products are released. To learn more, please watch my recent video interview entitled "BYOD: When You Are Left to Your Own Devices." The interview by Financial Management Network (& parent SmartPros Ltd.) is part of a series of educational videos provided for accounting, finance, and IT professionals. So please check out the programs on Financial Management Network.

Also you can watch ALM’s Virtual LegalTech BYOD online webcast that I spoke on with Antoinette Duffy (Director of Information Management at Commvault, Canada) which is entitled “The Risks of BYOD and What You Can Do About Them.”

I welcome your thoughts and comments about BYOD and how BYOD impacts you and your business.

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