Pew Research reported that cell users are very concerned about their privacy and including the fact that about one third reported that their cells have been lost or stolen which obviously increases awareness of loss of privacy. Since Pew reported earlier this year that 88% of US adults have cell devices this updated report on cell privacy helps explain how users are acting to protect themselves.

The September 2012 Pew report includes these important findings:

  • 54% of app users have decided to not install a cell phone app when they discovered how much personal information they would need to share in order to use it
  • 30% of app users have uninstalled an app that was already on their cell phone because they learned it was collecting personal information that they didn’t wish to share

Also the Pew report included these details regarding these steps that cell users take to protect their privacy:

  • 41% of cell owners back up the photos, contacts, and other files on their phone so they have a copy in case their phone is ever broken or lost
  • 32% of cell owners have cleared the browsing history or search history on their phone
  • 19% of cell owners have turned off the location tracking feature on their cell phone because they were concerned that other individuals or companies could access that information

Given all of the concerns around BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) this Pew report should help companies be more informed about cell usage.

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