The Federal CIO Council (CIOC) recently released a BYOD Toolkit which is part of a plan “to develop government-wide BYOD guidance based on lessons learned from successful BYOD programs.” The Toolkit is “not meant to be comprehensive, but rather provides key areas for consideration” and the Toolkit includes these Sample Policies:

#1: Policy and Guidelines for Government-Provided Mobile Device Usage
#2: Bring Your Own Device – Policy and Rules of Behavior
#3: Mobile Information Technology Device Policy
#4: Wireless Communication Reimbursement Program
#5: Portable Wireless Network Access Device Policy

The recent Pew Research Report that88% of US adults have cell devices highlights the spread of BYOD, which an essential technology modern life, and clearly impacts government or private business. As a result, BYOD will continue to create complicated legal issues regarding ownership of email and Intellectual Property.

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