The FCC plans to spend $8 billion to expand broadband service to more than 18 million citizens in rural America who lack high speed Internet access. In a speech, Julius Genachowski (FCC chairman) called access to broadband “a necessity”:

“Broadband has gone from being a luxury to being a necessity for full participation in our economy and society,” Mr. Genachowski said. “This plan will bring enormous benefits to individual consumers, our national economy and our global competitiveness.”

Walter B. McCormick Jr., (President and Chief Executive of USTelecom) a broadband industry trade association said: “We applaud Chairman Genachowski for his commitment to connecting all Americans to high-speed broadband”

When more details are revealed we will learn if this new plan will truly help citizens in rural America. Since the National Broadband Plan has been under way for many years it is not entirely clear why more Americans do not already have high speed Internet access.

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