My February 2011 Social Media video is now available so you can get my 30 minute legal perspective without having to take my Law of eCommerce class at the Dedman School of Law (which I have taught since 2000). Since 2001 I have been creating IT legal videos to training IT professionals with WatchIT (now merged with SmartPros). Looking back to 2010 I was amazed to discover that I gave more than 35 speeches and webcasts, about Social Media and eDiscovery, including 10 in October alone! 

SMU 5 Billionaire Grads

Speaking of SMU Dedman School of Law, I was pleasantly surprised that Forbes recently reported that there are more billionaire graduates than any other law school! Quite a remarkable feat not to mention what Dean John Attanasio proudly announced:

When I first became dean in 1998, four of the five justices on the Texas Supreme Court and two of the justices on the Japanese supreme court were graduates of the law school. Currently, the chief justices of Thailand and the Philippines, and the former chief justice of Indonesia are among our graduates.

As a matter of fact the first semester I taught at SMU in 1986 the student who made the highest grade in the class was the Chief Justice in Thailand. Bravo to the SMU Dedman School of Law!

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