A recent report of a WikiProject Smithsonian Institution should add credence to Wikipedia, since there are more than 3.4 million articles in English of the +17 million total Wikipedia article. Of course there must be a reason to believe Wikipedia, after all the 16 US intelligence agencies rely on Wikipedia’s version called Intellipedia. Since many search engine results include high rankings for Wikipedia, most people rely on Wikipedia on a day to day basis. The endorsement of more and more institutions like the Smithsonian Institution will improve Wikipedia’s credibility.

When Will Judges Rely on Wikipedia?

As more people participate in Social Media it’s likely that Judges will use Wikipedia for their personal day to day use of information on the Internet. So at some point Judges will begin to accept Wikipedia citations as authority. The Courts will change since Social Media is changing communications and information around the world. Why should Wikipedia be considered less reliable than Law Review articles, or newspaper articles, or editorial comments?

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