On the same day Facebook reported that it finally became cash flow positive after 5 ½ years, Facebook also announced that it grew to 300 million users. Of course that’s all relative since in August 2008 Facebook reported that it had 100 million users, but also an almost unbelievable growth of 200% in one year! Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said in a blog post that the goal of being free cash flow positive in its most recently ended quarter ahead of its 2010 target.

How Much is Facebook Worth?

A few months ago Digital Sky Technology’s $200 million investment meant that the estimated value of Facebook was about $6.5 billion. It seems likely that the private investors stand to profit nicely from Facebook’s tremendous success as Web 2.0 continues to grow wildly!

200% Grown in 1 Year, What Will Happen in the Next 12 Months?

What an unbelievable time in which we live to witness the past two years of Web 2.0 social networking. As I like to say the “Internet is the greatest social change that has ever happened in the history of humans….there are no boundaries of time and geography!” However since we are in the middle of this great social upheaval it is all the more difficult to see exactly where we are headed. Surely if Google, AOL, Yahoo!, or Microsoft had foreseen Facebook’s wild success , wouldn’t at least one of more of these giants created their own version of Facebook? What do you think?


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